10 MORE things stop motion pros do

Video Expert, Video Creation
Dec 15, 2022
A lot of people found my first "stop motion pros" video helpful (10 things stop motion pros do), so here is part 2. As I say at the start of this video, I'm not saying that I am a pro at stop motion, or that all stop motion pros do all of these things or that they do only the things I mention in my videos. Also, I'm using the term "pros" in a colloquial way to refer to channels who are awesome at stop motion, rather than strictly to professionals (i.e. people who do stop motion as their job). Some people are bound to say that stop motion pros don't use Lego, or complain that I only show clips of Lego stop motions in this video. For those of you doing Claymation, Stikbots, etc. etc., I'm sorry about this - you're right, Brickfilms are only a small part of the stop motion world. But it is the part that I know most about and love the most. As with my previous video, "10 things stop motion pros do", all of these tips apply to all kinds of stop motion. Nothing here is specific to Lego. Thanks to everyone for watching.
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